(Passed – 2010)
A memorial dedicated to the memory of Lynn Bayonas
This is a memorial to Lynn Bayonas who was an Australian television producer and writer. Her sister is Neighbours executive producer Susan Bower.

Lynn Bayonas was 18 years old and living in London when she got her breakthrough into television. She was an assistant to the general manager of The Australian Ballet who were then travelling through Europe and were due to travel on to the United States, somewhere that Lynn Bayonas didn't want to go. It was the late 1960s and Lynn Bayonas heard of a job coming up with Citizen Kane creator Orson Welles. She agreed to meet Welles when he was making Casino Royale with Peter Sellers, Lynn told him how she wasn't enjoying her job at the Australian Ballet and Welles invited her to Spain immediately.

It was whilst she was working in Spain that she met her husband, Luis Bayonas, a writer, art director and assistant director.

Lynn Bayonas' first job was taking notes for the film that Welles was working on at the time. Lynn has admitted that working with Welles taught her about flexibility in storytelling and turned her against many writing courses that she felt were structured.

After meeting her husband in Spain, Lynn Bayonas wanted to return to Australia, and Crawford Productions allowed her to do that by appointing her as script editor and writer on shows Homicide, Division 4, The Box and The Sullivans. In the 1980s she started work on A Country Practice, the programme that later allowed her sister Susan Bower to break into television writing.

Beginning in 1994, Lynn Bayonas lived in Los Angeles, California for six years, writing for Paramount Pictures. During her time in Los Angeles, she worked on programmes such as Sunset Beach and Prime Time.

In 2000, Lynn Bayonas decided to return to Australia and began work on television programmes such as The Saddle Club, The Secret Life of Us and Lawrence of Arabia.

The Saddle Club was Lynn Bayonas' last work to appear on television. She passed away on the 25th January 2010. This is an online tribute to Lynn Bayonas. May she rest in peace.
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