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An image of an online memorial
No.1 on memorial diagram above
This is the name of the person who's online memorial this is and also their country of origin. This isn't necessarily the persons full name, only the name that the memorial creator wished to appear on the memorial. For instance, someone may be called Robert Smith but everyone knew him as Bob, therefore the memorial name will be Bob Smith. You can use the Search facility to find people based on their full name if you wish.
No.2 on memorial diagram above
This is information about the deceased that was entered when the memorial was created. You can edit this text if you are the memorial creator by going to Your Memorials page and clicking Edit next to the appropriate memorial.

If there is a lot of text then there is a Read more... link. This displays all the text beneath the memorial for easy reading.
No.3 on memorial diagram above
You can tell people about a particular memorial by using popular Social Networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Bebo etc. Or via email. Simply click the appropriate icon in this list. If you don't see the networking feature you want then click More >> to see more options.
No.4 on memorial diagram above
If this icon is visible it means that the memorial creator has added music to this memorial. Click the icon to start the music. A new window will open that will have the music player controls. If there is more than one track available then there will be a Skip Forward and Skip Back icon on the music controls. If you wish to stop the music at any time simply close down the small music window or click Stop within the window.
No.5 on memorial diagram above
Clicking this displays the memorial in Full Page Mode which shows the whole memorial on one page. If photographs have been contributed to the memorial then they will display as a slideshow. You will also see every entry in the Remembrance Book and all the candles and gifts that have been contributed to the memorial.
No.6 on memorial diagram above
The memorial background can either be one of our specially selected background images or one that the memorial creator has uploaded themselves. Any candles that have been lit will appear along the bottom. You can read the messages that accompany the candles by hovering your mouse over each candle. Note: not everyone writes an accompanying message when lighting a candle.
No.7 on memorial diagram above
Any gifts that have been contributed to the memorial will appear in a list on the right-hand side of the memorial. The latest gift will be at the top. You can scroll through the gifts using the Up and Down arrows. To read any messages that have been left with the gift then hover your mouse over the gift in question and the message will appear. Note: not everyone writes an accompanying message when adding a gift.
No.8 on memorial diagram above
If the tribute is able to be upgraded then this option will allow you to purchase an upgrade. It will also explain the different upgrade options available and the cost of each.
No.9 on memorial diagram above
Email alerts allow you to track any changes that are made to a memorial such as a candle being lit, a gift added or a message written in the Remembrance Book. You can turn email alerts on and off at any time via the button shown here or via a link in the emails that are sent. Note: if you are the memorial creator then email alerts are initially set to 'on' automatically.
No.10 on memorial diagram above
If you wish to email friends and family to tell them about a memorial you can do so by clicking this button and entering the username and password associated with either your chosen email account or social networking site. This will then allow you to choose from a list of your contacts who you wish to inform about the memorial.

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